Abstract Art by Mac Economy

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Mac Economy Art Abstract Art

Mac Economy lives in Mid Coast Maine and is a Professional Musician, Guitar instructor and also operates K2 Music musical instrument store in Camden.  Mac began painting abstract art as a new creative outlet in addition to music and has gotten much local attention.  Mac’s art is very original and focuses on deep texture with strong color contrasts and a variety of color themes.  Using Acrylics and mixed media Mac’s art is truly contemporary.  Mac is always experimenting with ideas and techniques within his abstract style to express his emotions and outlook on life.  Subtle variances in color and texture can also be found in many of Mac's works along with extreme contrasts.  Having been described as BOLD, VIBRANT, VOLCANIC and even MAGNETIC, Mac's art is truly original. Mac gets his inspiration for his art from his life experiences and observations.  Stating, “ Life is full of contrasts, my art reflects some of the extreme contrasts seen in our human experience. When I paint I get lost in the process of transferring my thoughts on to the canvas. Being caught up in the flow of the art."

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